Western Branch Canadian Psychoanalytic Society

The Western Branch Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (WBCPS) is an association of psychoanalysts engaged in the development
and advancement of clinical psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic thought in the Western Provinces of Canada.

SAVE THE DATE: March 8-10, 2018
WBCPS is thrilled to announce that Dr. Giuseppe Civitarese
will be the guest speaker for our Annual Conference.

The two-day conference (Friday night/Saturday) to be held at the Arbutus Club will be preceded by optional afternoon master class clinical seminars, and a Thursday evening outreach event at the downtown campus of Simon Fraser University, free of charge and open to the general public. Dr. Civitarese will also be available for a short number of individual supervision sessions.

Dr. Giuseppe Civitarese is an internationally renowned writer and speaker on the forefront of contemporary psychoanalysis. His clinical and theoretical ideas are simultaneously profound, serious, alive and playful. He has presented and written on the analyst’s internal setting, somatic reverie, the embodied field, the oneiric paradigm amongst other thought-provoking ideas including dreaming the session, and most recently, ‘the sublime’, his original and emerging thinking on sublimation. Civitarese advocates his aesthetic dream perspective, resonant with Keats’ idea of negative capability, as a form of radical anti-realism in which material reality is set aside as a method of becoming deeply immersed in the emotional life of the session.

We invite our colleagues, analysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists, from near and far to join us for Civitarese in Vancouver 2018, an event designed to be interactive and to maximize the opportunity to have an intimate exchange with a creative, profound and kind psychoanalytic thinker of and for our time.  Program details to follow.

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