Find A Therapist

Finding a psychotherapist or a psychoanalyst can be both challenging and rewarding.

When you are considering treatment, it is important to know what kind of therapy you are seeking. If you are interested in a highly exploratory approach, you may want to consider psychoanalysis, which is a more intensive and time committed form of therapy. Psychodynamic or psychoanalytic psychotherapy is less intensive, but does require a close working relationship in which emotions, thinking patterns and behaviors are closely examined with your therapist. Both forms of psychoanalytic therapy will require an initial assessment, which is an opportunity to discuss with your therapist or analyst what you would like help with, and how that might be addressed through therapy or analysis. This is process in which both you and the therapist can assess whether the therapeutic relationship feels like a good fit, and an opportunity to better understand the benefits of engaging in a long term therapy.

To contact providers directly please use the directory below. All branch members are members of the International Psychoanalytic Association.

Name Location Focus Phone Number Email / Homepage
Maxine Anderson, M.D. Seattle, WA. 206-956-4446
Hassan Azim, M.D. West Vancouver, BC. 604 926 0979 604-926-2121
Karin Holland Biggs, Ph.D. Richmond & Yaletown,Vancouver B.C. Psychoanalysis, Psychodynamic psychotherapy – individuals & couples 604-274-2721  604.241.4254
Dale Brooks, PhD, R.Psych. Vancouver, BC. Analytic approaches to Life Review, Transitions, Seniors Issues, & Aesthetic and Philosophical Coping Styles 604-940-6233
E. V. Caldis, MBChB, FRCPC
Vancouver, BC. 604-669-0568
Elie Debbané, M.D. Vancouver, BC. 604-738-5386  604-267-4934
James Fabian, M.D. West Vancouver, BC. 604-921-1130  604-922-4823
Marike Finlay-DeMonchy, Ph.D. Port Dufferinm, NS. 902-654-2265
Coleen Gold, M.A., BC-ATR Vancouver, BC. 604-681-2867
David Heilbrunn, M.D. Vancouver, BC. 604-585-5666 ext.772967

Jo Hoffman, M.D., FRCPC Pemberton, BC. 604-384-4384
Endre Koritar, M.D. Vancouver, BC. 604-733-3540  604-737-2424
Janet Oakes, M.A. BC-ATP Vancouver, BC. 604-773-4444
Perry Segal, M.D. Edmonton, Alberta.  780-488-5733  780-488-7183
Judith Setton-Markus, M.Ed. R. Psych. Vancouver, BC. 604-264-0002  604-733-0567
Richa Sharan, M.D. Vancouver, BC. 604-520-4662
Paul Steinberg, MD, FRCPC Vancouver, BC. 604-827-4235 604-827-4106
Lynne Superstein-Raber, Ph.D. Vancouver, BC. 604-263-1417  604-435-1913
Darren Thompson, M.D. Vancouver, BC. 604-732-1077  604-732-1071
Tom Thompson , M.D. 250-391-4011  204-237-8738
Rose Vasta, Ph.D. Victoria, BC. 250-391-4011

Elizabeth M. Wallace, MD, FRCPC
Calgary, Alberta Psychiatrist & psychoanalyst 587-349-3339 587-349-3338
Fran Wilt, M.D. Vancouver, BC. 604-733-9737

Catherine Young, Ph.D. Victoria, BC. 250-598-5030


Reduced Fee Analysis

Reduced fee analysis is offered by candidates completing their training at the Vancouver Institute of Psychoanalysis. All candidates are licensed health professionals. Individuals who are interested in four times weekly sessions for two or more years are invited to contact the program director with any questions and to be matched with a candidate. Click here to Apply for Reduced Fee Analysis >>

WBCPS Membership
Full Membership in the WBCPS is limited to individuals who have completed psychoanalytic training at a branch of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society, including the Vancouver Institute of Psychoanalysis, or by application from another psychoanalytic society sanctioned by the IPA.