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The WBCPS presents many educational programs throughout the academic year that are open to the mental health community. Its signature event is the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM), a day of presentations and workshops that cover a wide range of clinical and theoretical topics.The ASM is well attended by mental health professionals from the greater Vancouver area, the Western Provinces of Canada, and neighboring cities in the USA. In addition to these major academic activities, the WBCPS sponsors a Scientific Program which consists of four annual scientific meetings that focus on clinical and theoretical issues that arise in the clinical practices of members, candidates, or guests of the WBCPS.

Scientific Program 2017 | Concepts of Trauma, Temporality and Treatment from Psychoanalytic voices in the Field
The Western Branch Scientific Program 2017 is pleased to announce its four part series: Concepts of Trauma, Temporality and Treatment, from psychodynamic and psychoanalytic perspectives.

  • In January, David Kealy will present an overview of relational conceptualizations of trauma along with evidence based research that supports the use of psychodynamic psychotherapy in its treatment.
  • In April, Arthur Leonoff will discuss how being-in-time is disrupted by trauma and the importance of fostering historicization to create a past in its treatment.
  • In September, Catherine Young will explore trauma from the perspective of extreme deficits in structure and symbolization capacity and the difficulties the analyst may encounter in cases in which such deficits may lead to violence against the self and others as an attempt to find containment of inchoate primal urges not yet made meaningful through symbolization.
  • In November, Darren Thompson will present case material that addresses how it is that severely traumatised individuals may feel at home in an imaginative world of their own making which becomes entrapping. He proposes transitional phenomena, including a disturbing experience of “coming unglued,” may be a necessary feature inherent to the possibility of change.

2017 Events:

Of (super) Human Bondage: and wrestling with ‘coming unglued’ | November 18, 2017

Of (super) Human Bondage: and wrestling with ‘coming unglued’ Darren Thompson, MD, FRCPC, FIPA Scientific Meeting | Saturday, November 18, 2017 | Venue: Arbutus Club 2001 Nanton Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V6J 4A1 In Somerset Maughan’s (1915) novel, “Of Human Bonda
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