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The WBCPS presents many educational programs throughout the academic year that are open to the mental health community. Its signature event is the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM), a day of presentations and workshops that cover a wide range of clinical and theoretical topics.The ASM is well attended by mental health professionals from the greater Vancouver area, the Western Provinces of Canada, and neighboring cities in the USA. In addition to these major academic activities, the WBCPS sponsors a Scientific Program which consists of four annual scientific meetings that focus on clinical and theoretical issues that arise in the clinical practices of members, candidates, or guests of the WBCPS.

Scientific Program 2018 | DANGEROUS LIAISONS

The Western Branch Scientific Program 2018 “Dangerous Liaisons” presents a four- part series on psychoanalytic ways of working with anxieties aroused by the twin dangers of closeness and distance. Anxieties about relating may: shape the transference and counter transference experience of intense hate, create split-off states, employ envy, and structure a couple’s dreaming.

You are encouraged to join us and our four invited psychoanalysts who will offer both theoretical and clinical approaches:

  1. On January 27, Paul Steinberg will present the psychoanalytic psychotherapy of a patient whom the analyst actively and consciously hated from the beginning of the work. As he became more tolerant of his own counter transference hate, his containment of the patient’s hate and destructiveness improved, which he believes enabled loving feelings to emerge which were essential to the success of the therapy.
  2. On April 28, Angela Sheppard will describe, in this two-part presentation, the experience and consequences of being envied, where envy is defined as an action, similar to the action of projective identification, rather than being an emotion. The practice of psychoanalysis is hazardous for analyst and analysand alike; envious attacks being one instance of a process easy to deny which, in itself, is dangerous. How an external witness or internal observing ego is essential to limiting the damage wrought by envy is explored.
  3. On September 29, Klaus Wiedermann introduces the role of dreams and dreaming in psychoanalytic couple therapy. The notion of a shared unconscious life is accessed through clinical vignettes of individual dreams which are “dreamt for two”, revealing the shared unconscious phantasy underlying the couple’s hopes and anxieties about being in a relationship together and with the therapist. Dream vignettes identify different stages of therapy, including preparation for ending the work.
  4. On November 24, Elizabeth Wallace discusses psychoanalytic work with a patient with schizoid features whose split inner world of part-objects and prominent anxiety about relating manifested in abundant dreams of zombies, which gradually changed as the transference developed in parallel to changes in internal and external object worlds.

Upcoming Events:

WBCPS Annual Conference: Dreaming the Session: Civitarese in Vancouver March 7-10, 2018

Dr.Giuseppe Civitarese is an internationally renowned writer and speaker on the forefront of contemporary psychoanalysis. His clinical and theoretical ideas are simultaneously profound, serious, alive and playful. He has presented and written many articles and books on the analyst’s i
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The Dr. Elmor Smit Memorial Lecture, The Experience of Being Envied: One of the Many Hazards of Psychoanalysis Angela Sheppard, MD, FRCPC | Saturday, April 28 2018

Scientific Meeting | Saturday, April 28, 2018 | Venue: Arbutus Club 2001 Nanton Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. Part 1: The Experience of Being Envied The experience and consequences of being envied are described, and envy is defined as an action, similar to the action of projective identific
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Dreaming for Two: The Status of Dreams and Dreaming in Psychoanalytic Couple Therapy, Klaus Wiedermann, Ph.D., C Psych. | Saturday, September 29, 2018

Scientific Meeting | Saturday, September 29, 2018  | Venue: Arbutus Club 2001 Nanton Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. This paper investigates the role of dreams and dreaming in psychoanalytic couple therapy. Being able to think about dreams in relation to couples hinges on the concept of share
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Dreams of Zombies and the Schizoid World, Elizabeth Wallace, MD, FRCPC | Saturday, November 24, 2018

Scientific Meeting | Saturday, November 24, 2018  | Venue: Arbutus Club 2001 Nanton Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. Psychoanalytic work with a patient with schizoid features presents a variety of challenges for the clinician, due to the patient’s tight regulation of closeness and distance, an
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