WBCPS Courses

The Extension Program is an outreach program of the WBCPS offering courses of psychoanalytic theory and technique to community clinicians interested in enhancing their clinical skills and applying dynamic models in their work with clients in therapy or counseling. The Program has been offering courses continuously since 2001 with different themes: Introduction to Psychoanalysis, Early Object Relations, Infant Observation, British Object Relations, Etchegoyan, Klein and the Neo-Kleinians, Ferenczi, Sexual Identity, Attachment Theory, Process 1 and 2, and French Psychoanalysis.The faculty are members of the WBCPS which is a branch of the CPS, an IPA component society. Ideas for future courses are mentioned in the evaluation forms from our programs and discussed by the committee. Interested faculty are recruited to research and design the new course. Those interested in our courses may inquire through Nancy Briones at info@wbcps.org


Extension Program


Leader: Paul Steinberg, MD September 15, October 13, November 3 and December 1, 2017 This seminar series consisting of four three-hour seminars will focus on the importance of hearing and using feedback from our psychotherapy patients, especially when there is a difficulty or impasse
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Ethics Workshop Series: Four Parts 2017-2018

Western Branch Canadian Psychoanalytic Society | Extension Program Judith Setton-Markus, R. Psych. FIPA, Coordinator The Western Branch Canadian Psychoanalytic Society Extension Committee is pleased to offer a second four part series on ethics in the clinical setting. Each workshop is
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Extension Program VICTORIA Challenging Clinical Encounters

October 2106 to June 2017 As mental health clinicians, we at times face difficult clinical encounters that cause us to feel doubtful or even defeatist, about our capacities and efforts. We may despair of what is occurring between ourselves and our patient, including the discovery that
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Extension Program VANCOUVER – It Shouldn’t Be This Hard!

September – December 2016 “It Shouldn’t Be This Hard!” Using psychoanalytic thought in challenging encounters with psychotherapy patients As mental health clinicians, we at times face such difficult clinical encounters as to feel doubtful, or even defeatist, ab
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